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Tips and Tricks

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Following you find a couple of tricks on how to install and use your Xpert-Timer BASIC:


Xpert-Timer includes a lot of context menus you can open by clicking with your right mouse button.


The BASIC Version is equipped with an Microsoft ACCESS database. Please note, that you don't need to have a seperate installation of Microsoft Access


Let's start with the timebar. Please refer to chapter "Timebar" for a complete description. If you want to hide the time bar, just right click on it and choose "Timebar" to hide it. If you want to show it again, click on the Xpert-Timer logo in the systray or hit Win+F8.

Project manager

The project manager is your main hub. Here all your projects are displayed. Please refer to the chapter "Project manager" for further information.


Hit Windows + X to open the "Action-menu". From here you can call most of the basic functions.


Use this shortcut to easily create new projects by hitting: Windows + X and then the letter p., or Win+X -> z to edit the active timestamp.


If you right click on the column header "project name", you can show or hide selected columns.

Take your time to explore the project manager. If you run your mouse over the buttons, you'll get information about the functions.

If you right-click on the timestamps or the project history, you see a context menu that offers you to edit, delete or print the entries. Almost everywhere you see this menu if you right-click. Remember: use your right mouse button in Xpert-Timer!


If you hit Win+Space, you can search for projects. If you hit Ctrl+N, you can add a new project easily. Find more hotkeys in the chapter "Hotkeys".

You can choose between using the timestamps, the history or both. the history is not linked to any timestamps. Usually, if you use the history, you don't need to prove your working hours to your clients, but the activities you did. Some clients require a perfect timesheet, then you have to think about using the timestamps. You can hide or show the timestamps or the history by clicking the specific buttons:


Click here to show/hide the history


The history entries are for keeping track of your activities but not logging every timestamp.



You find a detailed description about the Statistic module in the "Reporting" chaper.

You should know, that times in angle brackets <> are not chargeable times. They will not be added to the total daily sum. A manual entry is marked with an asterisk. (*). You can turn this marks off in the configuration of the reporting dialog. There are multiple filter options in the statistic module. Take your time and set the filters in the "Options" and also in "Times/Costs".




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