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Quick overview

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Xpert-Timer figure



Xpert-Timer includes a lot of context menus you can open by clicking with your right mouse button.


Please note, that we advise to use an ACCESS database for up to 3 users. A SQL database is of course better in regards of security and speed and should definitely be used with more than 3 users. Microsoft offers a free SQL Server for download. If you install an SQL Server, you'll need a company server. Please refer to the chapter "SQL Setup" for further information.

Time bar

Let's start with the time bar. It displays the actual running project, the time spent, money spent, an optional countdown and the daily working time. Please refer to chapter "Time bar" for a complete description. If you want to hide the time bar, just right click on it and choose "Time bar" to hide it. If you want to show it again, click on the Xpert-Timer logo in the systray or hit Win+F8.

Project manager

The project manager is your main hub. Here you find a list of all your projects. Please refer to the chapter "Project manager" for further information.

If you want to work in a team, you have to assign projects to certain users. Go to 'Edit'-> 'Assign projects'. Please note, that you can only do that if you own the rights. Your admin will grant you the access right in the Configuration -> Users.


You can drag and drop timestamps in the project manager. For example: You have timed your project, but activated the wrong one. After you stopped the project, you can drag and drop the timestamp into the correct project.


You can also Show/Hide your To-Do list in the Project Manager. To learn more about the To-Do list please refer to the Chapter "To-Do List"


Hit Windows + X to open the action menu of Xpert-Timer. You can start most of the functions from here.


Use the keyboard to select the functions. For example hit Windows+x and then the key 'p' in order to create a new project. Or Win+x -> z in order to edit the running timestamp.

If you right click with your mouse on the column headers you can show/hide certain columns. This works everywhere in the Xpert-Timer you see columns.


Take the time and explore the project manager: If you run your mouse over the buttons in the menu, you'll see hints. Right click the buttons and you can show / hide the description of the button.

If you right-click on a history entry or a timestamp you see a context menu with multiple options. Group your timestamps or print a report. Keep right clicking in Xpert-Timer, as there are a lot of context menus available.


Hit Windows + Space in order to search for projects or project numbers

Use CTRL + N to create a new project.

Show / Hide your timestamp list in the project manager here:


Show / Hide your activity report here:


Use the timestamp list, if you need comments for every timestamp you produce. If you just want to keep track of you are doing, but you don't need the exact timestamp for your activity go ahead and use the activity report. You can use either or...or both. If you only use one of the two, go to the configuration to switch one option off. This reduces the buttons in your Xpert-Timer.

Use the activity report if you don't need exact timestamps on the work you are doing. If it's enough to just write down what you did, it's perfect.


Reporting timestamps & Statistic dialog

There are two ways to print your reports. Either you use the timestamp list, which creates the mostly used report "project times with comment". Or you can use the statistic module, which is better for yearly reports or reports with only sums. In the statistic module the times in angle brackets <> are non chargeable times. They will not be added to the total daily sum. A manual entry is marked with an asterisk. (*). You can turn this marks off in the "Options" of the reporting dialog.

Description of printing a daily report:

Select the appropriate date by either using the drop-down presets or by manually entering the date.


Group your timestamps by date:


Click on the "Print" Button.

You'll see a report of todays timestamps:


Find more instructions on how to print the reports at: "Sample Reports"

Reimbursable Expenses

You can enter reimbursable expenses to your projects. Just hit CTRL + L to add new expenses to your project. You can also use the button button_leistung to do so.
Now choose the expense you want to include in your project calculation. Hit "Edit" to create a new category of the expense.

To view all expenses created for the project, double click the project and choose the 'Reimbursables' tab. In order to bill the reimbursables and the project right-click on the client in the project manager and choose 'Write invoice'.


Please point to the chapter: Reimbursable Expenses to learn more.


If you work with clients, you've got the option to bill your clients directly out of Xpert-Timer. In order to create the invoice you must enter the address of your client in the client manager.

You've got 3 options on how to create your invoice. Right-click on your client in the project manager and point to "Write invoice". Then choose from the drop down menu:

1.) Add new invoice item: This allows you to manually enter an invoice item.

2.) Add pending Reimbursables: This allows you to select from previously saved reimbursables of a certain project.

3.) Add Billing Period of Timerstamps: The most commonly used way to bill a certain timerange.


Please find further details in the chapter "Create invoice"


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