Moving From An Old To a New Computer

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Moving From An Old To a New Computer

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If you are using a single user version, moving from one to another computer is pretty simple. If you are using the multi user system, you have to make sure, to edit your user name in the Xpert-Timer user management in case your Windows user name changes, when moving.

Here's a quick guide on how to move from one computer to another:

For single users:

1.Start Xpert-Timer on your old system. Open the System info at "Help" -> "Info..." -> System info and write down your database location.

2.Start Windows Explorer and navigate to that path where the database is saved.

3.Shut down Xpert-Timer.

4.Copy your database file (xt.mdb or xt.sqlite) on a Thumb drive or copy it to a location you have access to on your new computer. You might want to email it.

5.Now install the newest version of Xpert-Timer on your new system. Go ahead and install the 30 day trial version.

6.Now start up the new Xpert-Timer and again navigate to "Help" -> "Info..." -> System info and find the path to your database.

7.Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the path.

8.Shut down the "new" Xpert-Timer.

9.Now copy and replace the "new" database xt.mdb or xt.sqlite with the database file from your "old" computer. The file should be named xt.mdb or xt.sqlite. If you still work with a pt.mdb, please rename it to xt.mdb.

10. Now start up Xpert-Timer and it should access the data from your old computer and everything should be up and running.

In case you get a database error, please copy the database from your old system again. Usually this happens if you copy the file but haven't shut down Xpert-Timer completely.


For multi users:

Log into the Xpert-Timer with a user that owns administrative access rights and is not the user that's moving. If the Windows user name has changed for the new system, you need to change this username in the user management of Xpert-Timer.


If the name is displayed in gray, you don't have the access rights to change the name, or you try to edit your own name. That's not possible.

As soon as the name has been edited, the user can access Xpert-Timer and it's database from his new computer. The new Xpert-Timer just needs to be connected to the correct database and the connection must be saved. If you are setting up the system for a multi user environment, you should install the xperttimer.exe on a network drive. There's no need to have an installation on every single computer.