Xpert-Timer Manual

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Xpert-Timer Manual

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The time bar is the cockpit of your Xpert-Timer. Instead of having the program manager open all the time, it is enough to just have the time bar on your screen. It helps you to keep an eye on your time...you know...time flies...



The time bar displays following information:


1.Finish your working day: You'll need this, if you run your computer 24 hours. The Xpert-Timer needs to be finished, when you end your working day.

2.Start / Pause / Stop your project

3.Jump back to the last projects used. You'll see a list of the last used projects.

4.Show projects with hotkey: If you have assigned projects with hotkeys, they will be listed here

5.Open you project manager with one click

6.Client management: Open your address management here

7.Reporting: Click here to get directly to the reporting dialog

8.Search for project: Click here to search for a project or hit WIN+Space

9.Send an e-mail report to keep your coworkers up to date with the status of your project

10. User name: This is the user, logged into the Xpert-Timer

11. Tasks: Here you can see how many tasks are attached to your project

12. Documents: Here you can see how many documents are attached to your project.

13. Name of your project

14. Estimated progress: This is the estimated project progress

15. Project progress: This is the actual project progress.

16. Countdown of the time you estimated you would need for the project.

17. The time that is actually been used for the project.

18. Your costs that have occurred so far.

19. The total work time you've worked today

Hit Windows + X to open the Action Menu of Xpert-Timer. From here you can start most functions easily by hitting the underlined letter. For example c to add a new client. You don't need to use the mouse at all.



Action menu

Hit Windows+X in order to open the action menu in Xpert-Timer. This dialog displays the most used functions in the software.


If your right click on one of the buttons, you'll see a context menu, that allows you to hide or show certain buttons. Only show the buttons you really need to keep Xpert-Timer as simple as possible.



You can also change the size of the buttons, the size of the font and the color of your time bar in the configuration.


In case you use a touchscreen

If you use a touch screen to work with your Xpert-Timer, set the button size to large, so you can use your finger to start and stop the projects easily.


When you start Xpert-Timer the first time, you'll see following time bar:


As soon as you start a project, the time's running.


In the time area the hours and minutes are displayed. We don't track seconds, so don't get confused.

If you right-click on the project in the time bar you'll see following menu:


The session sum displays the time you've worked on the project since you hit the start button.

The daily sum displays the time you've booked today, regardless of the project.

The sub project sum displays the total of your running project.

The Total sum displays the total hours worked on the main project including all sub projects.

The option Running Task displays the current time tracked on a certain task.

If you right click on your daily working hours, you'll see following menu:


You can enter a manual time entry here, edit the current timestamp or split the current running timestamp. Don't forget, you also have the option of starting a project retroactively by using the Ctrl-button, so splitting only makes sense if you need two timestamps of the same project, for example if you can bill one but not the other one... I hope you understand...


Start a project retroactively

If you've got the option "Start projects retroactively" activated in the Configuration, you can start a project retroactively if you have forgotten to stop and change the projects. Hold down the CTRL button when you start a new project and Xpert-Timer will ask you when to stop the last timestamp and therefore start the new timestamp.


You can hide or show your time bar. You can do that in your project manager. There's also an option to hide the time bar if there's no project running. The only icon you'll see from Xpert-Timer, will be the small clock in the Windows task bar. Right click on it to open the project manager or use the shortcut Windows+F7. Remember, that some shortcuts don't work with the Windows7 system, so you might need to set it to Ctrl+Shift or else.