Use cases

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Use cases

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Here are some branches of industry that use Xpert-Timer in the versions Basic, Pro and Enterprise:

Engineers: To keep track of working hours on team projects.
IT-Service Providers: Usually they work per hours, so Xpert-Timer helps documenting every minute worked.
Enterprises: For internal cost calculation.
Garages: To document exaclty what's been worked on.
Journalists/Writers: To keep track of working time.
Insurances: For internal cost calculation.
Consultants / Business Consultant:: Zur Dokumentation und Abrechnung der Tätigkeiten.
Authorities: For internal cost calculation.
...and many more....


Xpert-Timer is available in different versions, so you can choose the best version and modules for your business.


Xpert-Timer Basic:

This is the single-user version of Xpert-Timer. It's slimmed down a bit and does not include the client management, billing module, document management and reimbursable expenses. The Basic version is intended for users who only want to document their work time on different projects / assignments.

Xpert-Timer Basic cannot be used in a network.



Xpert-Timer Pro/Enterprise:

This version of Xpert-Timer ist for single users (Pro) and multi users in a network (Enterprise). You can run both versions on a Microsoft Access,  MS-SQL (Express also) or MySQL database. Most of our clients use this version of Xpert-Timer.

Xpert-Timer Enterprise should be used with a MySQL, MS-SQL or PostgreSQL database in the multi user environment. The free Express version of MS-SQL is fine, too.

Xpert-Timer Pro is delivered with a MS-Access database. You don't need to have MS Access installed on your system.


Besides tracking your time, Xpert-Timer Pro/Enterprise offers following modules:

• To-Do list based on the GTD-Methode

• Invoicing/Billing module (additional module) for create quotes, invoices and reminders

• Client management for your CRM

• Document management (additional module)

• Outlook module (additional module)

• CTI/Telephony module (additional module) to track time on phone calls

• Synchronisation with Windows / Android (additional module)

All those modules can be activated or deactivated in the program in order to keep the user interface clear.

Time tracking in a team:

Multiple project teams can all at once track their times in Xpert-Timer. If you are using Xpert-Timer in a team, you should install the software on a network drive in order to install future updates easily. It's not necessary to install the software on every single client.

Access rights control the visibility of projects and details. A user can only see the projects he's assigned to and should only view his own times and not the times of his co-workers. Multiple access rights are available in Xpert-Timer.

You can also track time on an Android device and synchronise the data with your Xpert-Timer Pro or Enterprise version.

This is an example setup of Xpert-Timer in a multi-user environment:


Xpert-Timer Mobile:

Xpert-Timer Mobile is the perfect project time tracking app for your Android devices. Stop your working hours and bill your clients accordingly. You can add a comment to every timestamp you create. Send your reports through email or export them to .html. If you need to work with the data, you can also export it to .csv.

In case you want to synchronize your data with Xpert-Timer, you need to purchase Xpert-Timer Pro or Enterprise, XTSyncServer and a the synchronization module additionally.You can purchase the app on Google Play only.

Please visit our website for further details on the mobile version: