Additional modules

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Additional modules

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Decide here to use or not to use additional modules. Check the boxes if you want to use the client management, the document management, the To-Do list, the synchronization module or the reporting. The less you check, the better overview you get in Xpert-Timer. So make sure you uncheck the modules you don't work with.


Available additional modules:

Task  manager

Use the To-Do list to keep an overview of the tasks in your daily work. Write down ideas or important things and assign them to a certain project. This way you won't forget anything anymore.

Client Manger

The client manager helps you to organize your projects and allows quick access to important addresses and notes.

Activity Report

The activity report supports you in keeping track of all the items you resolved during your workday.

Document Management

The document management allows to link documents and files to certain projects and clients.


Synchronize changes on different systems (e.g. notebook and desktop PC) in one database with the synchronization module. (extra charge)


With the invoicing module you can bill all services to your client. You can also keep track of reimbursable expenses, other than project timestamps.

Reimbursable Expenses

Use the reimbursable expenses dialog to keep track of extra charges, like traveling expenses of each project and bill them to your client.


Using the workgroup module, you can assign projects to certain workgroups and users.


By using the Telephony module, you can start projects automatically on incoming/outgoing calls.

Outlook module

Use the Outlook Module to import emails or tasks from Outlook. Either dialog driven or by using drag&drop.