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Indication when no project is running

Every hour the name of your project on your timebar will start blinking to have your eyes focus on the project name. This is only to remind you what project is running, and to double-check if that's the project you are working on. Activate or deactivate this function here.

Start projects retroactively when pressing Ctrl

If you've got the option "Start projects retroactively" activated, you can start a project retroactively if you have forgotten to stop and change the projects. Hold down the CTRL button when you start a new project and Xpert-Timer will ask you when to stop the last timestamp and therefore start the new timestamp.

Show warning when exceeding  project estimate

If you don't want the timestamps to overlap, check this box. You'll be prompted if your timestamps overlap, so you can edit them accordingly.

Action when double-clicking on project in project manager

Choose what you decide to do in case you double-click on a project in your project manager.

Use Quick Start projects

Here you can set, what dialog should open, when you stop the quick start project. This might be: No action at all (This will always create a Quick start project in your project manager you can rename manually), Open action menu when stopping project, Ask for project name on stop (opens a dialog you can enter the new project in), or you can transfer the project to any chosen client when you stop it.


Enter comment automatically

Timestamps / Activity report

If you create a new project, you can either set the timestamp comment settings in every project, or choose "from Configuration (User)", so you only need to change the setting once for all projects. Depending on your project structure, this function might come in handy.


Timed Pause

You can use this function in case you leave your office once in a while. Xpert-Timer recognizes, that you haven't worked for a couple of minutes and can put you project into the pause state. This way, the time does not run on your project as you are not working on it.

   -- Selection menu

The menu gives you a couple of options to decide what to do with your pause, when you get back at your office.  For example, you can discard the pause, transfer the time to another project or just leave it as "Pause" and accept it. If you accept it, the pause will be substracted from the total time.


Activate project when Pausing / on stop / on program start

Here you can have projects start, as soon as you hit the pause or stop button. Those projects should fill the gaps between the timestamps you work on actual projects. There's no option to enter any comments or history entries, when you start or stop the pause or stop project. Those projects should only exist, so you have a complete time tracking from starting up your computer to leaving the office at night.

To help you track the complete day, you can also have a project automatically start, when you start up Xpert-Timer.

Ask before executing

Check this box, if you usually start up your computer when coming into the office, but only start working after you prepare a coffee for example. Xpert-Timer will wait the minutes you set and then start timing  the project you set on program start.


Decide here what happens, when your system goes into Standby or Hibernate. You can stop the running project, pause it or let it run while your system is in standby/hibernate.