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Edit invoice template

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Edit invoice template

You can edit your invoice template by hitting "Edit" in the above dialog, or in the "Create new invoice dialog". In order to see some data in your created template we suggest following:

1. Create a new invoice with some invoice items.


2. Save the invoice, using the save button in the lower left corner.

3. Now open the invoice template to edit it:


Now you can edit the template the way you want. If you hit F9 for a preview, you can see the created invoice.

In case you want to delete or change any of the columns, make sure, you also delete the data and the space for the column in "DetailData" and "Child", otherwise your data won't be displayed correctly.


If you double click on a "GroupHeader" entry, for example: "Pos", you can edit the name for that column. Press F9 to see a preview of your invoice and make sure you save it under a different name than your original XT_INVOICE.fr3.

Every time you click on an object on the right, for example "Pos." you can see the properties to this object on the left side of your report generator.There you can edit the properties if you want. For example, you can change the  color of the lines, by clicking on the line and then open the "Frame properties" and changing the "color".


The data of the invoice itself cannot be changed. You should not touch the SQL queries or the data bands unless you know exactly what your are doing. If you delete a column, like "Discount", you'll get an error message, when you try to preview the invoice, as this column is also used in the code of the report. It's better you set the columns to "Visible" -> False, so they are not printed in the invoice. Remember, you have to set all three lines "GroupHeader", "DetailData" and "Child" to "Visible" -> False to print your invoice in the correct format.

Also remember, if you hide your columns in the dialog of "Create new invoice" of Xpert-Timer, they won't get printed as well. Right click on the column header and only show the columns you want to print in your invoice.


Save your new template for example as XT_INVOICE_your company name.fr3, in order to have it listed in your dropdown for invoice templates.

hand_point2REMEMBER: Save your template with a new name in order to avoid replacement on an update. In case it happens anyways, a copy of your report will be saved in the Backup folder in your program folder.

Line breaks in your invoice text

You can use the function XTParseLinefeeds in order to use /n for a line break in your invoice text. Add the function in your description -> DetailData:


You have to enter the /n in your invoice description in order to see the line feed in your preview. You can also use /r or <br> for line feeds.


Include user defined fields in your invoice template

You can create 9 user defined fields in your invoice. Change to the tab "User defined fields" in your "Create invoice" dialog. Right click in the area of the user defined fields and choose "Rename field" in order to make it visible in your list.


In the database you can find those user defined fields in the table "invoices". Therefore if you want to include those fields in your template, you'd have to create a text field in your template and include the field "sqlInvoice."userdefined1" for example. The easiest way to do that is to copy an existing text field, and changing the reference by clicking on the arrow. The MasterData in your invoice template refers to sqlInvoice, so I copied [sqlInvoice."invoicecommentbefore"] and changed it to sqlInvoice."userdefined1".


Now you entered information in your userdefined field 1 is displayed in your invoice. If you need a title to your field, you'd have to enter it in the textfield as well. Double click the text field to enter a second line:


This is the outcome: