Intelligent quick entry

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Intelligent quick entry

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The intelligent quick entry saves a lot of time. You can use it on projects, tasks and timestamps.

Why intelligent?

Xpert-Timer interprets you entries and tries to understand what you are doing. Here are some examples:

tog_minus        Intelligent quick entry for projects


Enter the name of the project you want to enter. Check the box for creating a main project, otherwise, Xpert-Timer will use the marked project in the project list as your main project and create a subproject for it. The small preview window will tell you exaclty, where Xpert-Timer will create the new project.


In order to create a new main project you must check the box "New main project".



tog_minusQuick entry for timestamps



Chosen project when using the quick entry

Xpert-Timer will always create the timestamp to the marked project in the project list. So make sure you've selected the correct project.


Xpert-Timer understands following formats:


From 10:00 Uhr 'til 11:25 Uhr

10:00 - 11:00

From 10:00 Uhr 'til 11:25 Uhr


From 10:00 Uhr 'til 11:25 Uhr


From 10:00 Uhr 'til 11:25 Uhr

1000-1125 answered emails

From 10:00 Uhr 'til 11:25 Uhr, Comment: answered emails

yesterday 0800-0900 meeting

Manual entry for yesterday from 08:00 Uhr 'til 09:00 Uhr with comment: meeting

Remote connection Mr. Meyer

If you only enter a comment in the quick entry line, then the currect chosen project in the project list will be started when hitting the enter button. This way you can directly enter a comment to your timestamp.



tog_minus        Quick entry for tasks



In your task list the quick entry links your new tasks to the project you've marked in your project list.


When entering the data you can for example use:


Due date of the task: tomorrow


Due date of the task on 01.04.2012