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Tips & Tricks

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Context menus

There are many context menus in Xpert-Timer. If you click with the right mouse button, you'll find context menus almost everywhere in the software. So if you get stuck somewhere, have a look if the answer is maybe found there.





Action menu

Hit Windows+X in order to open the action menu in Xpert-Timer. This dialog displays the most used functions in the software.





Start a project retroactively

If you've got the option "Start projects retroactively" activated in the Configuration, you can start a project retroactively if you have forgotten to stop and change the projects. Hold down the CTRL button when you start a new project and Xpert-Timer will ask you when to stop the last timestamp and therefore start the new timestamp.









Add comments to your timestamps directly in the timestamp list.

Hit F2 with the focus on one timestamp and you can enter your comment directly in the timestamp list. This makes it much easier to enter data. Also, click on the right mouse button in order to use text phrases or use Ctrl + C for copying and Ctrl + V for pasting a timestamp comment into another timestamp.





Different formats for time entries

Xpert-Timer always tries to interpret what data you are entering. If you type 20m, Xpert-Timer will assume, you mean 20 minutes, 0.5h is half an hour or use 2:20 for 2 hours and 20 minutes. Try yourself, what's the easiest for you.





You favorite projects

Use the "Favorites" list in order to have your most common projects floating on your desktop. You can then easily switch back and forth between projects.




lightbulb_on Multiple selection in the project manager

You've created your project list and afterwards you notice you need to assign a certain status or progress to all projects? Just mark multiple projects in your list, right click in the column you want to change and change the data accordingly. All marked projects will be set in one step.