Microsoft Access

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Microsoft Access

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In order to use the Microsoft Access database, you don't need the program "Microsoft Access" itself.

If you want to place your database in another than the default location you can do so. But in order to have Xpert-Timer connect to the new path, you need to enter the new database path in your XTAdmin. Edit your connection and enter the new path to your xt.mdb database. Hit "Connect" in order to save the connection in your XpertTimer.ini file, which holds all information in regards to the database connection.

Your Xpert-Timer database is named xt.mdb and you can find it in your XpertTimer directory in the folder Database.

If your database file gets very large or you experience problems with your Access database, use the button "Repair/Compress" to try to fix the problem.

If a system error or power failure occurs, Access databases seem to crash very often. You can identify a corrupt database, if your project time is not starting at 00:00 but at some strange hours, like 23:34. This means, Xpert-Timer could not finish the last timestamp due to the system crash or power failure. You need to delete the last timestamp to repair the problem. Go to the user management. At the bottom left of the dialog, there's a button to delete the last timestamp.