XTAdmin (Administration program)

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XTAdmin (Administration program)

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Using the administration program XTAdmin you can create, edit and connect to one or multiple databases.

You can:

1. Set the database connection for        

Access databases

SQLite databases

Microsoft SQL databases

MySQL databases

PostgreSQL databases

2. Manage users (Add/delete), change/view login names

3. Change the login mode of the users

4. You can reset the databases or create a new, empty one

5. Import or export data

6. Manage the database (Use SQL statements, delete data, set the server IP)

7. Create a data backup if you are working with MS-Access or SQLite


Only the administrator should have access to this tool, to make sure it's not being misused. Critical changes can be made with this tool. If you are using Xpert-Timer in a multi user environment, make sure XTAdmin is located in a directory the users don't have access to.