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This area is for the maintenance of your database.


Execute SQL command
(only active when logged in as XTADMIN)

You can submit SQL commands through XTAdmin. If you click on the button a dialog will open, where you can enter your SQL query. Usually you should not have to use this button.

Update DB structure
(only active when logged in as XTADMIN)

The database structure is updated on some software updates. This button is only used if you experience problems while updating. Please contact our service in case you run into problems.

Set patchlevel
(only active when logged in as XTADMIN)

Please do not use this button by yourself. The database patchlevel is set automatically. Only if there's problems with a database update you should use this button. Make sure you contact our service department first.

Set server IP
(only active when logged in as XTADMIN)

Set the server IP if you experience connection problems. Xpert-Timer will then ping the server every couple of seconds and you'll receive a message once the server connection is lost. If the IP is not set, you'll get a database error instead.

Recover deleted project

In case you've deleted project by accident, you can restore them here.

Bulk archive projects

Here you can archive projects on which you haven't entered any timestamps for a certain period of time.


Choose the period for "No times entered since" and hit "Archive".

Remove deleted records

Using this button helps you keep your database clean. All as deleted marked entries will be removed permanently.

Empty all tables

You can set the program database back to the original state by hitting this button. This will delete all data of the tables.