Login Mode

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Login Mode

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Please note, that users with administrative access rights will see all menu buttons on the left. Restricted users won't see the buttons. The best solution for configuring databases is to log in as "XTADMIN". The standard password is "xtadmin". You should change the password as some point to avoid unauthorized access.

In the tab "Settings" you can choose to have your users manually log into the Xpert-Timer system, or use their Windows Authentication to automatically log in.


The advantage of the Login dialog is, that multiple users, can start Xpert-Timer on one system.


In your Xpert-Timer project manager you can see the user name, that's logged into the system.

If you choose to login using the Login dialog, make sure you use strong passwords.


In case you only want certain users to log into they system using the login dialog, you can add "/logindialog" behind the Target-Path in the settings of your desktop link. Right click the desktop link, and choose "Setting".