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Update check at startup

Automatically check if there is an update on the internet for your Xpert-Timer. Please double check if the english version is chosen, when you download the update. It should be XTInstEN.exe or XTInstBasicEN.exe

Assign project number automatically

Instead of entering your own project number, you can have the system create one for your.

Query safety code before deleting clients or projects

If you activate this function you'll be asked to enter a simple question before you delete projects or clients. This might be helpful if you repeatedly delete projects on accident.


Allow manual entries

You can limit the time where your user can enter their manual entries. So if you choose "Restrict" only for 7 days retroactively, you user can only enter dates not older than 7 days. This way, they are asked to enter their manual entries contemporary.

Billing price for new projects

If you projects are created mostly with the same settings, you can set the default for pulling the billing rate. This might be an individual billing rate, you have to set for every project, the billing rate from the main project or from the user.


Company wide curreny

Use this setting to change the default currency of your Xpert-Timer. This setting overwrites your language settings in Configuration -> Advanced -> General -> Date/Time settings.

Database consistency check

If your Xpert-Timer suddenly shows wrong total minutes or you get an unexpected error message, use this function. You cannot break anything by using this. Xpert-Timer double-checks the entries in your database and repairs them if necessary

Recalculate project times

If you move your project times around a lot by deleting, drag&drop etc. you can recalculate the times here, if they are displayed wrong in your project manager. FYI: The times in the timestamp list are always matter what.