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Reports directory

Here are all your report templates saved. Please note, that your own designed reports should be saved as XTINVOICE_ or XTBASE_ and your name, or any other identity in the name. If you don't change the name of the report, it might get overwritten with the next software update.

There are multiple templates for you to choose in the Xpert-Timer. If you want to change them, you can do so at any time. Click on the "Edit" button besides the template or simple enter your address in the Address line. if you want to add a company logo, you can also do so by linking to the image. Please note, that the program only accepts .jpg and .bmp files.

A report generator, named FastReports will open. There you can design your templates totally the way you want. Please find the PDF-help for FastReports here:

Edit report template

Please note, that you cannot use .png files in the template. Please only use .jpg or .bmp.

In order to change the colors of your report, you need to change the style in the report generator. Edit your template and point to Report -> Styles in your Fast Report Report Designer.


You can edit the color, the font and the frames of the areas. Make sure you save your changes, using the green check.


Following areas can be edited:


= Column headers


= Part of "colheader" and should be formatted the same way


= Part of "colheader" and should be formatted the same way


= you can only edit the font and font size here. No colors possible.


= Groupings like "Group by date" headers


= Sums of groupings


= Sum at the end of the report


= Address line as well es footer line with print date and page #


= The area, which includes the date range of the report, the user name and the project name


= Every second line in the report has a color for better visibility. This is the background color of every second line.


= Group headers, e.g. Users


= Sum of the group with mastergroupheader, e.g. Users


= not changeable


= not changeable

Make sure you save your new template with a new name. The new name must start with either XTINVOICE_ or XTBASE_ in order to appear in your drop down list.