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Create new quote

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If you click on the green plus, you can create a new quote. You have the option to create a new, empty quote or use a project structure for your quote.



New quote

As soon as you click on "New quote" and you haven't chosen a client yet, a dialog to choose the client will open. Select the client you want to create a quote for.


The dialog for the new quote is the same dialog as your "New Invoice" Dialog. You can link the quote to a project, but you don't have to. What you necessarily need, is the link to the client.

User the "Reminder on" field in order to create a reminder in your "Reminder" module in Xpert-Timer. You'll be notified about the quote when you startup Xpert-Timer and the reminder is due. Additionally you can enter the likelihood. This is only a general information and will be displayed in your Billing manager.


New quote item

If you click on "New" you can create new quote items. There are multiple options to do so. You can either create an empty, new item and enter all details yourself, you can add a reimbursable expense from the ledger or you can create quote items from an existing project structure.


If you choose "New from project", you can choose the main project to be included in your quote. All sub projects will be added automatically. If you have already tracked time on any of those projects, those hours will be included in the quote too.

This works vice versa. So if you have an existing quote, you can generate the project structure from that quote. Right click on the quote in your quote manager and choose "Create project structure".


You can edit every single position / list item. You can click directly into the fields in order to edit them.


Use the E-Mail Button to send the quote to your client.


After you've saved the quote, it will be locked by the system in order to avoid any changes. You can unlock the document in the lower left corner if you own the necessary user access rights to do so.


You can save the quote in order to preview your entries. Click on the disc symbol in the lower left corner.

In case you want to create an invoice from this quote, click on the register button in the lower left corner.

And if you want to create the project structure from this quote, click on the projekt manager button in the lower left corner.


Create invoice from quote

In the billing manager, you can create your invoice based on your quote. Once you have "Accepted" the quote in the quote status, the option to "Create an invoice" is available if you right click on the according quote.


As the quote is completed, after you've created the invoice, you'll be asked if you want to set the status of the quote to "Completed". You should work with those status in order to keep an overview of your quotes.


Text before quote items

You can enter some text before your quote items. Change to the tab "Text before quote items". If you right click in the text area you can use your textphrases. "Automatic insert active" activates your hotkeys from your textphrases.


Text after quote items

At the bottom of your quote you can also add some text. Switch to the tab "Text after quote items" and enter your individual text.


User defined fields

You can create and add user defined fields in your quotes. The user defined fields are not included in your quote template, so you have to add the field manualy. You can find a detailed description on how to do that here. You can edit your qoute the same way you can edit your invoice template. Du to the SQL statements you cannot copy our invoice template to become the quote template, sorry.


In order to use a user defined field, right click in the free area of your tab "User defined fields" and choose "Rename field". Once you've renamed it,it will automatically be displayed.