Create task templates

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Create task templates

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Point to "Windows" -> Task templates. This way you create templates for tasks, and then you can pack those templates to a task package, which you can drag&drop onto different projects. This way you don't need to create the same tasks over and over again.



First, create a new task package:


Assign a good name for the package:


This task package will only become visible, if you add a task to the package. Create a new task template now.


Enter a subject for the task and assign it to a task package.


Your package now appears in your template list.


The next step is to group your list by "Task package":


After you've created several task templates and added them to the appropriate task package, you can drag&drop a package onto a project. Just click with the mouse and pull it into your project manager.


This way all tasks of the task package are added to the project.