Currency per client

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Currency per client

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You can set separate currencies for each client. But note, that summarizing different currencies in your reports is not possible, let's say it doesn't make sense. You can choose the currency for each client in the dialog "Client data". Double click on a client name in your client manager.


hand_point2Please note, that you cannot summarize prices with different currencies in your reports!


To change the currency, point to the tab "General in the client data dialog.




As soon as you've changed the setting, all data in regards to that client will be displayed in the currency chosen.




In the reporting you'll also see the special currency, but the profit/loss for example cannot be calculated as the price per user is based on Euros in our example. The program will tell you, that there are different currencies involved and won't calculate a total but write "Different currencies" for your information.




All reports are now created with the currency set in the client settings. This way you can create a report for your clients in their currency.