Client import

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Client import

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Use the client management to import existing client data into your Xpert-Timer. You have following options:


Client import per .csv

In XTAdmin you can import data in text format. CSV stands for "Character seperated values". This means, that all data in the file is seperated by either tab spaces or semicolon. In order to have the data correctly imported, you should add quotation marks to the data.

This is an example of a .csv file:


"2001";"Sampleclient";"20, Samplestreet";"98798";"Samplecity";"United States";"123446";"040562xx";"0821-562xx";"";"";

"2002";"Fa. XY";"Sample Valley 3";"87934";"Samplecity";"United States";;"0821-1234562xx";;;;;


The client name is compulsory and must be filled.

You can save Excel files in .csv format. Every column needs to be named exactly the way it's named in the Xpert-Timer database.

Open the .csv file and assign every field



Client import from Outlook (Additional module: Outlook)

Some versions of Outlook allow the export / import of data into Xpert-Timer. Hit Import/Export in your client management and point to Client Import/Export -> Outlook. If the listed addresses are correct, click on import to import the data into your Xpert-Timer.



Client import

You should use the import only once. The function is designed to import your Outlook contacts once. Of course if you import more often, we will check and edit exiting clients, but if you edit an entry in Xpert-Timer it won't get changed in your Outlook system. Please note that existing information might be overwritten if you import the same client more than once.


Client import from vCard

You can also import vCards. Just hit Import/Export in your client manager and choose function Client Import -> vCard.