Activity report

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Activity report

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Point to the menu "Activity report show/hide"  to view the activity report of your projects in your project manager.


You can decide if you want to use the activity report, which is linked to projects, but not to timestamps. It does optionally stamp the time of the activity report entry, which you can show or hide by right clicking on the entries.

Check the box "All projects" to display the activity report of all projects.


If you right click on an entry, you can edit it, or hide and show the time you created the history entry


If you are working on projects that don't require an exact report of every timestamp with comment, but need a list of the finished tasks during a certain period of time, you can use the activity report.

Use the timestamp comments, if you really need to comment start and stop on a project.

You can enter your history data either with or without a timestamp. There will never be a timestamp like in the timestamp list (from - til), but at least you would now, when you've created the history entry.


In the project settings you can also find your history in the tab "History". There all entries belonging to the project are listed.


You have four options to create an new entry in the activity report:

1. With the automatic activity report question when you switch or finish a project.

2. Manually enter your history entry using the plus in your activity report or in the tab "Activity Report" in your project settings.

3. When you finish a task in your To-Do list.

4. Use the shortcut Win+F12 and hit Ctrl+Enter to save the entry

Difference between timestamps an history entries

What's the difference between comments on timestamps and history entries? The comments on timestamps are always linked to a from/till time. History entries are only linked to a project, but not linked to a timestamp. You have to decide what's better for your documentation. If you need to report to your client exactly what you've done at what time, then you should go for the timestamp list with comments. If you don't need a report for your client and your projects only require documentation not linked to any time, go for the activity report.