Create new reminder

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Create new reminder

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The easiest way to create a new reminder is to drag&drop the object into the reminder area. This works with clients, projects, invoices, reimbursables, notes, documents and tasks.


You can also right click on the project and create a reminder.


A dialog will open. Enter all necessary data for your reminder.



This comment will be displayed. You should enter a short, informative comment.


Here you can choose between a dialog window to pop up when the reminder is due, or a short dialog window above your Windows traybar. Set the time, how many minutes before the due date you want to be reminded again. If you don't choose a time, you'll get the message at the due date/time.


The priority setting helps to organize all your reminders.

For user

You can also send a reminder to one of your colleges. All you have to do, is choose the appropriate user.