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Add new task

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There are multiple options to create new tasks. The quickest is to use the intelligent quick entry in your To-Do List.


The quick entry interprets your entry. If you enter "Tomorrow, meeting with Mr. Smith", Xpert-Timer will set the date automatically. You can also name a weekday, like "This Tuesday at 8:00 meeting with Mr. Smith". Xpert-Timer will set the date and time and enter the text as the comment. In the subject the time and location will be cut out. You'll see a little preview window, to double check if your entry is correct.


Above example will be entered as follows:


hand_point2The quick entry always uses the project you've marked "blue" in your project manager. You can also mark the receiver of the task under the project and he'll be the one to receive the task.  As soon as you click into the quick entry field, the preview will open and show you exactly the link to the project and user.


Xpert-Timer always tries to interpret your entries. In our example, if we click on the green "Plus" button, to enter a new task, Xpert-Timer will preset the project as "Correction", as this is the project marked in the project list at the moment.


Intelligent Quick Entry

Please also read the chapert "Intelligent quick entry" as this function is available for other areas, too.


If you click on "New task" in the project manager, the project again will be created for the marked project in the project manager. Play around a bit, until you understand the function.



Dialogue: New task


In order to create a new task, name the task first. The Task/Subject will be displayed in your To-Do list and added to your comment of the timestamp in you start the task. The ID is individual for every task and helps you to reference to a certain task e.g. in a meeting. You cannot change the ID number.

You can only create tasks linked to a project. If you want to create a task for the public task pool, don't enter a recipient name. Then it will appear in the public pool.

The priority of a task can be set from "Lowest" to "Asap". The fields "Due on" and "Starts on" are not relevant for priority "Asap" as the task is immediately due.

If you click on the priority column header in your To-Do list, you can order the tasks, e.g. by priority.


If another person is supposed to work on the task, enter the appropriate "recipient" in the dialogue. You can also enter just part of the user name in Xpert-Timer and hit enter. Xpert-Timer will choose the correct user.

Use the status of a task to organize the work flow in your company. There are multiple status available as well as five free status for you to name individually. The different status are documented in the "Notes" tab in the task. So if you change the status of a task, your colleague can look into the notes to follow the different task states. Use the notes also to document any problems or anything necessary in regards to the task.


In order to arrange your tasks better you can create categories and assign them to the task. You can create your own categories in the configuration of Xpert-Timer. In the tasklist you can then filter for categories. You can choose multiple categories to be displayed in your list.


If you want a certain task to be displayed at a certain date, you need to enter a date in the field "Starts from". Only when you reach this date, the task will be displayed in your personal To-Do list.

A due date is necessary if you need a certain task to be finished at a certain date.

You can also estimate the duration of the task for your reference. If you need to print the duration, right-click on a column header and show the duration column.


Last but not least you can enter a description of the task. You can use text phrases by right-clicking into the text field. Multiple other functions are available in the context menu. E.g. entering the user name, date, time and may more.


If you are showing the column "Recipient" (see example above) your own name is displayed in gray, as it's rather not necessary. If other users created a task for you, their name will be displayed in normal black.

If you right-click on a column header you can show/hide certain columns.